Thursday, 23 March 2017

PHL’s Impromptu Stories: Book 1

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It contains eleven stories:

1. The Phone That Ate People. Plenty of screams were guaranteed!

2. The Cure for Depression. A negative thinker cannot be happy.

3. The Money Planet. He began the day poor and starving, and ended it rich and happy!

4. The Floating Kiss. They could travel around the world, just by kissing each other’s lips.

5. To Starve or To Do Suicide… Either way he was going to die, so should he wait for it or accelerate it?

6. The Would-be Rapist versus the Psychic Girl. He thought that physical strength sufficed to subdue his victims, until he became his victim’s victim.

7. I Will Meet You Yesterday, my Beloved. If you cannot meet somebody today, why not try meeting them yesterday, when they are free?

8. Knowing Your True Friends, Painfully. You may laugh and talk with many people, but how many of them really love you?

9. The Chicken Dinosaurs: Strange chickens appeared on the school campus: they were big, and they had hard-scaled skin and sharp teeth, and they wanted to eat meat.

10. Penguin Racers. The young penguins were friends, but the only female among them was the target of unsatisfied romantic desires.

11. The Falling Moon. When the moon began falling to earth, a taxi driver was able to stop it.

You can get the full book of PHL’s Impromptu Stories: Book 1 here:

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